Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

A well constituted PTA is functioning in the college to maintain close contact between teachers and parents. The association meets at regular intervals to discuss issues relating to the welfare, well being and academic performance of the students.

The PTA raises funds through donations from its members and spends them for the benefit of the students. It has instituted several attractive cash awards to the students who excel in academics. This year under its leadership various development programmes are initiated. Class-wise PTA meetings are also held after the internal exams. The annual general body meeting are held in which a number of proficiency prizes are sponsored by the PTA.

The Guardian of each student in the college shall join the Association by paying a membership fee at the time of the student’s admission. All Teachers of the DB Pampa college are members of the Association. When a student is removed from the roll of the college the guardian of the student shall forefeit his membership of the Association.

Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of the Association shall be :-
a) To foster & promote good relationship among the members of the teaching staff, students and guardians of students.

b) To create in its members a keen interest for the smooth working and the progress of the college and for maintaining good discipline and high academic standards.

c) To institute scholarships, medals etc. to the students showing high proficiency in their studies.

D.B. Pampa College PTA Executive Committee (2016 - 2017)

President Dr. S Joy Principal
Vice President Sri. Rahmat  
Secretary Dr. Savitha Pramod (Hindi)  
Parents Representatives Smt. Pushpa K. S  
  Haripriya .S  
Teachers Representatives Prof. R. Arun Dept. of English
  Dr. Lakshmi Parameswar Dept. of Physics
  Dr. Manju Dept. of Zoology
  Dr. Vijay Kumar M Dept. of Sanskrit
D B Pampa College has entered in to the 46th year of glorious educational service to the nation. Today, the college has strength of nearly 1050 students and over 55 faculty members serving in 14 departments. The college offers 8 U. G programme and 4 P. G programmes.