Chemistry Association 2015

“ALCHEMY- 2015” (Chemistry Association) was inaugurated on 20th August, 2015 in the Chemistry Seminar Hall at 10.30 am by Prof..K.R.Somanatha Pillai, Rtd. Prof. D.B.Pampa College. Principal Dr. P.P. Chandrasekhara Pillai presided over the meeting. Welcome speech was delivered by Prof. P.Geetha, HOD of Chemistry. Dr.V.Prakash( PTA secretary) and teachers from various Dept. and representatives from our students offered falicitation. Nandu.A(Secretary-Alchemy-2015) proposed vote of thanks.

Inauguration was followed by a seminar on “Chemistry – Our Life and Future” by Prof. K.R. Somanatha Pillai. The role of Chemistry in our everyday life was explained effectively paving new world for students.

Motto of our Association ALCHEMY-2015 is to “MAKE THE CAMPUS PLASTIC FREE ZONE”. Our objective is to make an environment friendly campus by avoiding plastic products including flexes and to replace plastics bags with paper bags and also to place waste bins at prominent locations.