Computer Centre

Computers are an integral part of modern day educational tools, and the visionary management has set up enough infrastructure in this area. Most of the departments in this college have Computers, which are in the process of being networked and further automated to assist in study programmes.

The centralized network used for administration purpose enables easy and quick office administration of college affairs. Departments of Physics, Commerce and Mathematics have separate computer centres to assist the students in their study programmes. Now the college has set up an advanced computer centre with sufficient PCs and paraphernalia with an aim to achieve cent percent computer literacy for all students and staff of the college.

Aimed to make them competent in basic system and programme applications, the centre offers off-time short duration courses to students and staffs of a batch of 30 at a time, who will be issued valid certificates at the end of the course.
D B Pampa College has entered in to the 46th year of glorious educational service to the nation. Today, the college has strength of nearly 1050 students and over 55 faculty members serving in 14 departments. The college offers 8 U. G programme and 4 P. G programmes.