Alumini Association

The Alumni Association of D.B Pampa College strives to promote an enduring relationship between old students and their alma mater. It also facilitates and nurtures lasting friendships through annual meetings. It initiates steps to recognise outstanding achievements, cooperate with the college authorities for the development of the college, and organises programmes with the help of former students in order to benefit the students studying in the institution.

Aims and Objectives
a) To foster and perpetuate friendship and co-operation among the members.

b) To promote the interests of D B Pampa College and to keep alive the spirit of loyalty to the college and a continuing concern for its welfare.

Executive Committee Members of the Alumni Association 2008-2009.

President Mannar Adbul Lateef
Gen. Secretary Adv. C. Jayachandran
Vice president Jayakumar Mannamadhom
  K.J. Sabastian
Joint Secretary Saju Bhasker
  Madhu Parumala
Treasurer Prof. Satheesh Kochuparampil

Alumni Association - UAE Chapter
The UAE Chapter of the Pampa College Alumini Association is functioning at Duby 2005.

Chief Patron C. P. Gopakumar
President K. C. Cheriyan
Secretary T. A. John
Treasurer Prakash P. Kurup
AKAF Member B. Sasikumar
D B Pampa College has entered in to the 46th year of glorious educational service to the nation. Today, the college has strength of nearly 1050 students and over 55 faculty members serving in 14 departments. The college offers 8 U. G programme and 4 P. G programmes.